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The novel coronavirus outbreak has changed lives within Bangladesh and everywhere. Foodgram online grocery stores like us have seen immense growth in sales. In the initial periods, the government ordered everyone to remain reception and maintain social distance. People wont to visit the grocery shop stores and buy the products needed as permission granted for the essential things.  According to Digital Commerce 360, quite 31% of folks grocery shoppers have used online platforms. Which above the standard and 26% rise within the new buyers observed?

Out of 100 grocery buyers, 39 were above the age of 60. As we all know this age bracket falls under the high-risk category. It becomes easy for them to select a grocery online and buy the essentials. But with the rising customers, online grocery stores are expanding within the sales. As stocks need enough time to replenish from the inventories.

1. Safety

Getting essentials needs going out and for the quarantined people, it’s impossible to urge out of the homes as there are strict actions taken against such behavior. Online grocery stores are instructed to take care of proper hygiene and additional care during the days of a pandemic from the United States government, WHO and FDA too.

All the inventories properly sanitized from time to time and delivered in stipulated time for these people. Although there’s a touch delay within the deliveries, thanks to unfavorable conditions and stress on the availability chain, most grocery stores have stopped the same-day delivery system to make sure a smooth flow of products to everyone.

2. Fresh stock

To fight the virus safely, food items and medicines got to be freshly stocked up. Grocery stores are taking utmost care and with the assistance of authorities, stocking abreast of fresh items from the inventory. Almost every grocery now delivers freshly stocked vegetables, fruits, and other items.

3. Ease of access

Everyone has access to the web and particularly for the quarantined cluster, it becomes easy to make a decision about what they need to possess on their shelves right from their homes. Online grocery stores are ensuring their platforms are smoothly running and there’ll be no stress on the orders getting into. At foodgram grocery, we are serving everyone who needs groceries right at their homes. Our stores are properly sanitized and our staff is additionally taking equivalent precautions. We have currently stopped an equivalent day delivery option for all our items as we’d like to serve each and each one among our beloved customers.

foodgram groceryBenefits of online grocery shopping

The coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 have changed the way online grocery shopping and online grocery stores work. Everyone more safety conscious and careful about how grocery stored, handled, and delivered. this is often truly a symbol of a change and therefore the benefits of online grocery shopping during COVID-19 are numerous. Previously, people wont to love picking their own grocery items from the stores, because of the coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores now deliver fresh groceries at doorstep thanks to stay-at-home orders and lock down in various regions. Earlier, only a couple of players ranking top within the online grocery shopping game but now the image is extremely different, even the smaller grocery stores are people’s choices thanks to honest service and simple availability.

Some benefits of online grocery shopping

1. Safe & Secure

Indeed the primary benefit. Online grocery shopping is safe both for consumers and store owners & employees. Less the gang, beneficial for all. In the beginning, people hoarded various items because the times were unsure then (and now too) but with the supply of things increased, people are becoming wiser with the situations.

2. Delivered at doorstep

No hustle, just mount the web site, create an inventory, pay, and obtain groceries delivered at the doorstep. Whether you’re performing from home or not, online grocery stores offer you free time for yourself while handling the crucial deliveries for you. Whether you would like some exotic fruits or regular eggs & bread, you’ll order even one item without having to urge out of homes.

3. Fresh goods every time

Every time you select online foodgram grocery shopping; stores are ensuring only fresh goods and grocery items are delivered. thanks to updated guidelines from FDA and native food supply chains, stores are becoming pretty conscious about food quality and freshness of edible items. This way, consumers can believe the standard of food and groceries.

4. Online transactions

More people are choosing online grocery shopping and online food order systems. This has allowed the web infrastructure to urge stronger. If you observe the timelines, there have been tons of downtimes and lags happening everywhere the webspace thanks to huge demands. With the days changed, every eCommerce store now has invested a touch in strengthening its online infra pushing more customers for online transactions which can be an enormous benefit for the end of the day. With that said, safety remains at the highest when it involves grocery shopping and that we at MyValue365 are taking every step and measure to make sure safe and sound grocery deliveries for our valuable customers.

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